What I have drink last night

I will write here what I have drink recently with my positive and negative opinions, if I have start doing this just year ago this page will be all ready full.. 
I have start writing late as we are just updating site as this page will never end up with all wines we have drink until now..

I have to add that we have finish Barbaresco La Ca Nova 2006 Bric Mentina after 2 years of intense enjoy and about 1400 bottles drinked. No more great 2006. 

I would like that you write and send me mail at tonysasa@gmail.com I will add to my web page any of yours opinions about wines you have drink recently. More opinions we have more real feedback we can accumulate. We are not payed to say what we think and this make reality. 

My house wine is Barbaresco, at moment I am drinking 2006 vintage and I have about 600 bottles left. beside I like to taste other wines to see and understand quality. 
I have to admit I am Nebbiolo wine lover.

I will write about my wines in very simple way same as I am..

I had for dinner saturday night 17th march 12 great Sangiovese, Syrah and Merlot from Tenuta di Valgiano, nice expression of terroir and I am sure of wine maker character. Brava. 

Tonight I have just open Travaglini Tre Vigne 2004 what a nectar, just like an silk. Nice expression of Nebbiolo. I am sure that wine can seat for some more years if you have patiente to wait. I had this bottle on my shell in shop and I could just not resist tonight before I closed my shop.

I have brought from Austria some bottles of vinery Schiefer, I am not much familiar with Austria wines. But I can really sugest if you have chance to get their top red wine Blaufrankisch and their white wine to, if you find anywhere because production is very limited..

Date 21th I have drink Cantalupo 1997 which one was great exemple of Nebbiolo with elegance and potential. 

But for some reason Cantalupo Breclemae 2004 was ready to drink or all ready forward I will say.

I have lost track and sometime days pass before I remember what I drink last night..

I remember what I liked what is easier.. In Chicago couple weeks ago I drink Schiavenza Barolo Broglio, Prapò and Bricco Ceretta 2007.
Just to understand this wine you need to have right food and to be in  right mood..

I am always in right mood to drink good wine but not always lucky to find right food..

Tonight we have taste white wine Vermentino from Sardegna vinery Cherchi..  Worth to spend money and only thing is that you need patiente to wait that wine get open enough to appreciate.

26th of August today

I have not update my drinking experience for some time, only as I was busy. I have drink last week Mascarello Giuseppe 2004 Santo Stefano di perno and Monprivato 2006. 

Perno 2004 was ready to be drinked maybe we can say list 2 years ago, my opinion is that wine shop has not preserved wine well and evolution was to fast. 

Monprivato 2006 unfortunatly corked and nothing to do.. I pay about 60 euro for Monprivato.

Another interesting wine I have taste it is Casaloste Inversus and this was very interesting Merlot with Sangiovese.

I am slow with updating but in mean time i have drink several Barrels in last months. But just last night I enjoy very much Cantalupo - Ghemme Anno primo and all so Barolo from Francesco Rinaldi Cannubbio 2007.

Drinking Schiavenza wines are like an poetry talk, vintage 2006 for me is excellent vintage I like personally very much. Perno is more smooth and readier to be drinked and of this I like this crù. No more last vintage is 2006. Bricco Cerretta need lot of air, less clean but good potential. Broglio as usually fruit forward , smooth and elegant difference from Prapò which one is rider. Tannins are just very powered and we need live animal to match with this crù. 

Here is contact from Brewery we like www.pbbrew.com

I enjoy very much when I was in Sardegna this summer Bovale di Terralba from wine maker Melis. Great presentation of Bovale to drink with different local dishes.

I am loosing track following our drinking choices.