wine shops from our friends

Here I have indicate some our friends with great knowledge of Italian wines.


Ben Kooyman is one of the Italian wine expert and for many years is presenting small wine growers with success and it is a pleasure to mention his wine shops here.  


California: KL Wines is a great place where you can find also Brunello di Montalcino Martina 2005 wine. 

New York: at Heights Chateau you can buy Brunello di Montalcino Martina 2005.


Nicholas Leong - a great palate, an immense work ethic, an awesome partner. We work together on the Chinese market and requests are growing exponentially. 

Read his travel log from Italian Wineries Visit with Tony: the best of Brunello, Barolo and much more.


Preben Andersen has a family wine shop in Aahrus offering wines from Bocelli family and many other small great wine makers. They organize wine events for collectors and beginners.


Peter Broman is an excellent wine connoisseur. For the Swedish market, he has a superb wine collection. It is worth your time to explore his wine list.


Milutin Svircev is very good young wine researcher and has great selection of wines. His wine place is in Belgrade.


Dmitriy Krasilnikov is a selector for Collection of Wine - a top wine store specialized in both famous labels from France, Italy and Spain as well as small, boutique wine growers. 


Sebastian Baumann is a wine lover and a wine dreamer. Beside cool cars he has a beautiful family. For advice on buying wines on the German market, he is the right person.

We want to mention some great wine experts and friends around world. In Japan Akira Nakajima, in Canada Barry Oliver, in the US Peter Weygandt, in Norway Rolf Gathe and in the UK Richard Marlowe. If you need help with your wine list or wish to enrich the collection in your cellar, or if you are planning a party, contact us and we'll get you in tough with these guys.


Gildas Royer is a great friend with a awesome knowledge and very good heart.

South Africa 

Boutique Wines is managed by a fantastic wine expert Sam Hackney. Fine pallate, great taste.