Moscow april 2012 azbuka vkuza

Moscow 19th of Apil, Azbuka Vkuza wine event. 

I had great experience at one of the top enogastronomy shops at Russia. First we had lunch at one of the stores and after we had wine event with their wine passionate customers.

First of all I will mention that most of the time supermarkets chains, wine shops ecc. have standardize wine list. Difference with Azbuka Vkusa considering size they pay more attention at their own palat.. 

Azbuka Vkuza it is great wine source with very professional staff.. More then professional I will say great family team work.

Event started at 18.00 and finished about 23.00 with lot of visitors and superb wine choice. We had for instant Boeri Giorgio Barbera d’Asti, both wines from this small family vinery. Martinette is every day drinking wine with character, Porlapà is Barbera for an occasion and for an any dish you like to match..

 From same Region Piemonte we had two most rinonimated wines from Italy, Barbaresco and Barolo. Barbaresco it is artisan vinery La Ca’ Nova, it is like doing by tailor your clothe.

Barbresco from this wine maker is like drinking purity, once you drink you start understanding what is wine.

Another Barbaresco producer presented at event was Mocagatta, even here you will have many sodisfaction with opening this bottle of wine.

About Barolo we had two producers Schiavenza and Martinetti, two different styles completely but two wines with personality.

It wil be hard to say with which one to start, but I am sure with which one to finish.

We had another producer from this beautiful Region, Monchiero, producer of Arneis, Roeri and Barbera. 

Coming back home to Tuscany, we had  wines from oenologist Paolo Caciorgna Macchie , Sangiovese 100% which one was this kind of intellectual wines. 

Tenuta di Collosorbo has presented their Rosso di Montalcino and Brunello di Montalcino.  

This is one of the oldest vinery’s in Montalcino, If you ever get to city of Montalcino is worth to visit their vinery. You will be amazed by historical cellar existing still from time of Etruschi and Romans. Wine makers are not that old, but their back ground have long history.

Martina Brunello di Montalcino was presented to, if you with friends and you want to open something what will remind you of Tuscany, this is right wine, just like having dinner at small trattoria with local food. Drinking Martina is same sensation, feeling that you are home.

I Veroni small producer of Chianti wine and it is interesting rapresentation of quality Chianti.

From Marche region we had vinery Vellenosi,  they produce large range of quality wines from this area. From sparkling, whites and reds.

We jump to Sicilia and I have to mention Paolo Caciorgna again with his Etna Rosso,  drinking Etna it is like feeling soil, minerality and heat from Volcano Etna. Growing wines on the top of  Volcano is just outstanding  expericence and drinking them it is equally same. 

Casa di Grazia it is another new coming attitude producer, in short period they jump out without any shyness to compete with the best Nero d’Avola producers.

At event we had many other wine producers from Italy, France and Spain.

People at event  where beautiful, curious, sharming, and with good knowledge. What has made this event professional wine party at Azbuka Vkusa.

I hope that there will be made many other events similar, next coming one is 31th of May and only white wines, maybe with some exceptions.

For any questions about events you can contact Azkuka staff and they will be happy to give you all info you need..

I wanted to mention our dinner at restaurant Champagne Life at Spiridonovska 25 where we had great fine dinner.

Dinner at 26th at casual but very interesting restaurant Ragout.

Tony Sasa

Amica Annia
Grullo Dima
Brunello Martina
Etna Rosso N'anticchia
Boeri wines