Enoteca Pontevecchio
Corso dei Tintori 21red number / 17 blue number
50122 Firenze
Tel. +39 0552466848
Cell.+39 3385702000

Enoteca Pontevecchio is owned by Tony Sasa and his friends.

As a child, Tony grew up in a farming family where he learned about genuine food and joyful lifestyle. Playing drums to. 
Tony is a passionate wine enthusiast who has worked in the wine and restaurant business in Chicago, Florence and abroad for more than a decade. Throughout these years he has built enduring relationships with Italy's foremost enologists, winemakers and journalists.


Tony Sasa is a “Man of the Soil” who is close to nature, having been reared on the family farm where he lived until he struck out on his own.

There was no time lost in pursuing his love of wine and the glories of fine food.  He enhanced his basic knowledge of wine and food by capitalizing on opportunities to broaden the depth and breadth of his expertise.

Key management roles he occupied in the restaurant/wine business in Chicago and his home base, Florence provided Tony with an opportunity to acquire an indepth knowledge of the business.   When he returned to Florence he nurtured his relationships with Italy’s foremost enologists, winemakers and journalists, who recognized Tony’s superior understanding of wines from vine to bottle.  These enduring relationships opened up almost limitless opportunities to connect with unrecognized quality boutique wineries.  This priceless network has moved Tony’s enoteca and wine distribution business to the forefront among wine enthusiasts as the place to shop for fine established labels and the lesser known quality boutique wineries that offer tasting experiences not generally available to the public.  These wines have earned high marks for their precise embellishment of the character of Italian varietals that are often linked to the personal style of the winemakers.
When you enter his enoteca you will not encounter the usual wine warehouse with hundreds of bottles neatly shelved staring out at you… akin to walking into a hardware store.  Rather you will be greeted by an array of tables in a comfortable, warm ambience and be invited to taste the wines of your choice.  Above all, Tony thrives on educating his customers on the nuances of the wine and the ecstasy of pairing wine with food…all of which he delivers unhesitatingly with enthusiasm, sincerity and passion.  More often than not, when you enter he will be hosting a group that has arranged to profit from his expertise, as they sample wine while Tony elucidates.
Beyond his charming retail shop, Tony has established a thriving international distribution business that has shipped his treasures to all parts of the world.  More recently, he has reached the dream of every wine connoisseur-- he has produced carefully crafted wines under his own labels.  Martina Brunello di Montalcino and Sasa Sangiovese have already made their mark in the USA market…and more are on the way, Furthermore, Tony has earned an international reputation with his popular tastings/lectures throughout Asia, the major cities in the USA, Western and Eastern Europe and in the Mideast.  The demand for his knowledge continues to grow along with his hunt for hidden treasures.

written by Joe Fernandez